Evening all;

Just thought I would drop a note as I had been lurking a bit, and working on things outside of here. I am quite distraught over the situation with ms.org right now, but my on personal situation doesn't help.

Got medical finally, got a new T, supposed to see a new PDoc in 2 more weeks, hopefuly I make it. Nerves are just totally shot and no medicine left. If I really loose it and go coo-coo will just check in somewhere I guess. Lets see what did the doc say? Oh yea - Manic Depressent, Bipolar, Anxiety Disorder, and a couple other things I just forget now.

Me and the puppy are back at my parents with all the family together. I got my hole in the garage and family is being supportive and helpful now, unlike the battle I had earlier. Been working mainly on my website and finding direction for it. I am a geek so I always had puter stuff, but am doing more writing on sexual abuse now, so been trying to figure out how to theme it more.

Here is my hopes that all is well for the rest of you here. I still don't have my own pot to piss in, so I am back to working the web so I can see if I can make this red bar move up front.

Thanks all!


Why must I feel this way?
Just make this go away
Just one more peaceful day!
Stained - 'It's Been Awhile'