I will repeat some words twice in a sentence, leave some out, add extra words, switch words, anything you can think of. Sometimes I do the same with how I spell words.
That's EXACTLY how I am with numbers.
Ask me to copy down two phone numbers and it's anyones guess as to what's on the page.
I have trouble reading a digital watch at times, 9-47 makes no sense to me - 13 minutes to 10 does.

What goes on in our minds to do this ?
I don't think it's a result of abuse at all ( not for me anyway ) but maybe there's something about the way someone with dyslexia - learning difficulties acts that adds to our vulnerability at a young age.
Do we recognise these 'problems' ourselves way before we can ever put a name on them, or even say "I have some kind of problem" - certainly before others recognise it.

My wife works in a college with 16 - 17 yo kids, and tonight she told me that she's still amazed at the amount of kids going through schools who aren't diagnosed. My wife works in student services and does the admissions etc - and she picks them up !
Something wrong somewhere ?


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