Hello brothers,

I wanted to share my excitement. Diane Meixner called to tell me that the jurists selected two of my compositions to be performed on Friday night at the conference.

One is a vocal composition titled "Dark Canyon" and the other is a neo-classic, somewhat atonal, one movement sonata, called "Risoluto" for cello and piano. Now I've got to find a cellist who is brave enough to perform noise in a setting of Male Survivors and their supporters. This is gonna a be a first for someone else besides me...and you! I mean, how the heck do you begin to invite someone in to participate in an experience such as this.

For those of you who are attending it will give me great pride and pleasure for you to hear a live performance of these two pieces--echos from the sanctuary of my soul.

For those not attending you can listen to them in either MIDI format or MP3 at my website listed below.

Looking forward to it,


Ron Schulz, MSPC, NCC