Hi everyone,

I wanted to share some joy today. My daughter Sarah just finished her MSW at the U of Michigan and she along with her partner, Jennifer, is coming to MN to visit for the week.

Her trip to Mpls has a double purpose, as Jennifer attended the U of M and Sarah is shopping for a place to do her PhD.

I am especially excited that Sarah's chosen field of study in the field of social work is transgender studies.

She was recently notified that an article she wrote: "Guidelines for Beginning Practitioners and Students in Social Work Practice with Transgender Individuals," was accepted for publication in THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER .

I think she is going to make empowering contributions in this field, and I am sure that her field and the field of SA intersect somewhere along the way. Who knows how one may be impacted by the other. I am happy that someone might show us how.

I am one proud father.


Ron Schulz, MSPC, NCC