Hi Folks:
The MS conf which is taking place in Minneapolis next month needs your help.

If you are considering attending, please register as soon as possible and make your hotel reservations (telling them it is for this conf).

Secondly, tell your therapist or anyone you know of who might be interested in attending. If your therapist is not computer savvy, please print out a listing of the conference topics for him/her. We need to get both survivors and professionals to attend.

Third, if you go on chat, talk it up there as well.

This conference is the major source of income for MS. Our costs of running this website, contributing to survivor retreats, and paying for our part-time administrative assistant who handles the 800# and mails out the newsletter, membership packets, etc., takes a big chunk of change.

The board of directors do not get paid, nor do we get expenses reimbursed. The cost of attending the conference and the board meetings comes out of our pockets (not to mention the large amounts of time we donate to the organization.)

Anything you can do to get the word out, or if you are in the MSP area and want to volunteer (or are coming to the conf and want to volunteer) would be greatly appreciated.

Help us get the word out in any way you can.


Blissfully retired after 35 years treating sexual abuse