I got this idea from TX_Space in the Tunes thread. So what are the guilty pleasures you enjoy that you would only tell or show your closest of friends? Here a just a few of mine:

Iím a closet Barry Manillo fan. {Obviously in the closet since I canít even spell the manís name correctly}

Iíll do a quick boot scoot to John Denverís Thank God I'm a Country Boy every time I hear it. My friends just collapse when I pull this one out.

My favorite movie is Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

I still have a crush on David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman.

On the episode of the Partridge Family when Bobby Sherman guest starred, I actually ran to the TV and started kissing it *oh brother* Hey, I was only 9!

The first concert I ever went to was with my Dad and my sister to see the Osmond Brothers. Loved it!

I painted my bedroom purple because is was Donnyís favorite color

I smoke cigars when Iím out with my friends but I wouldnít dare light one if Iím with people I work with

A perfect Saturday night is spent at the Kareoke Bar {mmm, probably spelled that one wrong too} \:o

One of my favorite classic TV comedies was F-Troop {*singing* The end of the civil war was near........}

My favorite cartoon was Ghost Busters {I would watch this on Saturday morning when my daughter was little - and still sleeping!}

At 42 years old, I own my own coloring book and crayons and I USE them \:D

The only good thing about such admissions is that when youíre friends find out and laugh their heads off, you laugh just as hard!

If you fall down 10 times, Stand up 11.