Near the end of a long and hectic day Friday, I stood along the side of the flooded road. The adults were all hounding me as to why the road is flooded, what I am going to do about it, "it's been like this everytime it rains for the twenty-five years I've been here" (yet this is the first time she called and complained).

And I couldn't have been in a more peaceful and tranquil place. I was watching the children in the neighborhood riding there bicycles through the water. Sometimes they would make it through, sometimes they would't. A lot of chains were popped of their sprockets.

I remember as a child, I would ride my bikes with my friends through the flooded playground behind the school. In the middle was a small ditch. We would have to work hard to get through that ditch. Sometimes we made it, sometimes we didn't. These were the best of times.

The kids from Friday, were scared that I was going to run them away. I told them of the good times I had doing the same thing when I was there age. And that watching them play like that brought back memories of the good times. No, I would not try to stop them, but I was going to make the water go away. So I told them to have a good time while they could.

I stood there and watched, until my maintenance crews showed up and cleared the storm drain line and allowed the water to flow away. The adults were happy. The children ran off to find a new flooded spot. And I had a great memory relived.

I think I have now found my happy place. A piece of flooded ground and an eight year old on a bicycle.


Pain is Temporary; Quitting lasts Forever. - Lance Armstrong