Brian's post seemed a prompt to initiate a thread about the positive aspects of Chat forum.

I really really like it, because it fosters the intimate relationship between us by giving us a platform whereon we can talk about other stuff not specifically related to SA. We become multidimensional when others can see that we have other sides to us.

And this information is very important. For instance, by getting to know my quirkyness, my sense of humor etc in a more relaxed atmosphere, one may, when reading a reply of mine in a more serious forum, be slower to judge something I had written as being offensive. They might be less inclined to be on the defensive.

It's like before the chat forum, we were all driving down the freeway in tanks, and now we're in convertables with the tops down.

I like the many lighter and off topic threads that have cropped up recently.

I really like getting to know other aspects of your personalities. Gives me a more complete picture of who I am exchanging personality with.

Thanks everyone,


Ron Schulz, MSPC, NCC