Hi all my frineds,

I haven't been around much lately. Just have seemed to withdraw into myself lately. I'm not sure what it is all about but I guess I have been trying to deal with to much alone.

I will try to update everyone on what has been going on with me in the last few months. I think that the last time that I posted was right after the April retreat.

I guess that is a good place to start. I met with my accountant right after I got home from the retreat. I think there was a mistake with my taxes but I am not sure what it was. All I know is that I had to give the IRS everything I owned and then some. My estimated payments for this year are outrageous too.

I am trying to keep better records this year. I am sure that I missed some expenses last year and that is why my taxes were so hi.

We are in a SEVERE drought here with severe watering restrictions. (Not a good situation for someone who installs and repairs lawn sprinklers) Most of the lawns in town are dead and people aren't watering. My business and income are off my at least 40%. I got some certification last November that should have helped my income but the City ordanance that I got the certification for is not being enforced so people are not having the testing done.


To the issues with the church and the legal battle.

The church's attorney reguested ALL my medical and Psychologocal records. I told my attorney that I really wasn't comfoftable with that but he informed me that if we didn't give them to the church that the church would say that we were negiotating in bad faith. I agreed to release all my records to the church. I am now thinking that was a big mistake.

The next thing that the church requested was a dollar figure to be placed on what we are seeking. My attorney got the figures together. I was not really happy with what he proposed but he said that if we were conservative that we might have a better chance of getting the church to negiotate.

My attorney spent many hours preparing this doccument. Basically what we have asked for is the church to pay for my therapy for a five year period. We also asked for the church to pay for my P-Doc for the next five years and all my meds. I also need $3,000 worth of dental work becuase I grind my teeth. We also asked for the church to pay my expenses so that I could attend at least one retreat per year for the next five years.

Well, we got a response back from the church and they are unwilling to even negiotate on anything. They are saying that we are out of the statute of limitations and that I can GO TO HELL.

We have tried to talk to the National CHurch and they are saying that this is a matter for the local church to deal with and that the National church has no responsibility. The District church wrote me a letter and told me in so many words that I can "GO FUCK MYSELF" and that they will provide legal help to the local church to FIGHT ME in every way.

And this is " A CHRISTIAN CHURCH "

I met with my attorney the other day and he is wondering how much longer we should pursue this matter. Right now we are on an hourly basis and the church's stratagy seems to be to run my legal bills up as high as they can without even trying to negiogate.

There is one possibility. How things seem to work is that Statuts Of Limitations laws are based on discovery. I didn't remember what Dr. Laughlin had done to me in Estes Park Colorado until last year when I returned to the church that he serve in after he raped me in the church here. Therefore, I have 4 years from the time of discovery.

The other good thing that has happened is that I have started attending SNAP meetings in Denver. It is a 2 hour drive down to Denver and a 2 hour drive home but it is worth it. I have really gotten a lot out of them. At the last meeting two of the other participants at the meeting gave me the names of their attorneys. My attorney has contacted one of the SNAP attorneys and she has agreed to review my case FREE OF CHARGE and give us some suggestions on how to proceed.

I will try to do a better job of coming in here and talking to all of my friends. All of you have been such a great support system. I think one of the things is that with work I only have a few hours every evening for me. I have to chose how I spend my valusble free time.

I will keep everyone posted on how things are progressing.

One other good thing that has happened. I have wanted to go to the Clergy retreat. The airfare was going to be a killer. This last weekend there were some super deals on airfare and I was able to get a ticket for $200.00 cheeper than I had been looking at. I checked fares again today and they are back up where they had been.

I guess someone wants me to go to this retreat.

Take care brothers. I know this is long. I needed to catch everybody up.


From "Lion King" "The Circle of Life" with Lyrics

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba [Here comes a lion, Father]
Sithi uhm ingonyama [Oh yes, it's a lion] (Repeat)

Siyo Nqoba [We're going to conquer]
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala [As lion and a leopard come to this open place]