I do not think there is possible to heal 'to much' from abuse. Can you heal to much from a cold, or a cut, or a broken arm? It heals, it's better, it's fixed. That is all. It is not that, if you heal to much the arm breaks again.

I think there is a stage, near beginning, that you are more involved in the healing then living your life. You are more involved in reading, going to therapy, to group, coming here, whatever else it is you are doing to do your healing. And as you get more healed, you get back to some 'life' also. You do not spend as much time here, you do not come to this site every day, or read books, or journal, whatever. There are days you have fun with friends. There are hours that you do not think even of the abuse. As we heal more, that time becomes greater, that the abuse and the affects take up less of our time, and our normal life takes up more. I think it is nature. Sometime we maybe choose it, I will move on some now. Sometime, it maybe just happen of it's own. But I think, for most, it do happen.

There are maybe some people to afraid to heal. They find themself only as a victim, that is how they identify as, just as victim, and to heal, it takes away who they are. That is sad, but no one can heal them. No one can change that of them but themself. Only person here I can change is myself. To try with anyone else would just waste both our times.