It is the decision of the Administrators of this site, that the original post by Pablo and corollary posts about issues relating to Dawn Manor have been removed and will be the subject of consideration by moderators, administrators and the Board of Directors.

These posts violate several rules of the site, particularly our rule that challenges to the management of the site and MS not be posted for general discussion, rather, that they should be directed to the moderators, administrators and/or the Board.

Further, we would like to point out that we can not respond to the posts since to do so would violate our own rules concerning confidentiality of individuals, and not discussing personal matters on a public board.

Pablo has been asked to direct his concerns to the administration, the administration has responded to the issues at Dawn Manor, and published an explanation for all to see that these issues have been addressed. Pablo seems to not be happy with the answers with which he has been supplied, and wants to display publicly a users private information. Pablo's access is being limited until he can address his posting behavior with the site admistrators.

Because of these violations of the rules, all concerned persons are being directed to send their comments to the site administrator for consideration. Violation of this request will cause us to limit the violator's access to this site.