To Whome it may concern,
Over 24 years ago, my nose was broken by my mom who had a hangover. She broke it because she thought I had looked for help, although I didn't. Her drinking problem was clear to her own siblings. She promised me worse would happen if I ever tried to get help or talk about it. It is still broken to this day. That fear has stuck with me since that day until one day I
could no longer deny or forget it.
When I became of age, I tried to enlist in the
military with hopes to pay for school, and advance my career. On the physical disclosure form I checked that I do not have any broken bones. When the examiner saw me, it was obvious to him that my nose is broken. He nearly disqualified me for ellegedly lying on my application. I never did receive medical
treatment for what happened, and never realized it was broke. I couldn't enlist that day but I was able to face something I had hid from myself and the world.
I'm continuing to find out how it effected every
aspect of my developement since age 3.
I will not be able to afford rhino-plasty, or
septo-plasty before the cut off age of 32. Is there a doctor that works pro-bono for people that want to enlist in the military, or at least get over child abuse? Is there a clinic I might be able to go to?
I'm sick of smelling my own blood from time to time, obstructed breathing, disturbed sleep, and the constant reminder of one of the most traumatic experiences in my life.
I realized then that it happened because of substance abuse, so I never touched the stuff. I have been in abuse counceling, but it was during a time when I was still suffering in silence. Some wounds are more then internal or psychological, they are bent, bloody, reminders of something that never needed to happen. I
just want to get it fixed and finnally be able to have closure.
People rearly believe me when I tell them what
happened. People normally mess their lives up more because of what happens to them as kids, but I've tried to draw strength from it. I can't do it all myself however. Unlike most male childhood abuse victims I do not have a invisible wound. My nose it noticibly bent, and remains to be a stumbling block in a lot of ways.
Please tell me where I can go for help. Thank You