I do appreciate hearing the hard painful reasons of having to shut down the chat room. I've never used it and actually until a week or so ago, I didn't even realize it was around. That is ok with me as I am not usually very comfortable in a chat room full of people. It usually causes more anguish for me personally than it is worth.

However I know it is very important to many around here as in the heated discussion from yesterday. So I am wondering about something here.

I see on the front page that there are 1616 members to this site (not paid members I would assume). I am not sure what percentage of these people are actually paying members and I don't know if you could give that percentage or not.

One other thing I was thinking about is that often most people don't have much money to give. But if all 1616 people gave $5 each that would be over $8000. While I know not everyone is going to do it, this sort of shows how realistic this could be. I have always been one that has despised the please and begging for financial assistance whatever the cause, but I know that it is not cheap to run a site such as this (from personal experience).

Maybe the needs of MS run deeper than this and if they do, the information is not being passed on to the members. I'm not necessarily saying that it should be in your face information, but maybe a place on the site that shares this with members. It is hard to act or to help when all seems to be well.

I applaud you for coming in at a time and helping make the tough decisions that are needed to keep MS going. It isn't easy creating a balance for services such as this and maintaining one's own life.

Again thank you for the explanation and please keep the information coming so we can all help you together.


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