Lloyd and other members,

I was reading a post today "Is calling SA rape the wrong term?" It got me to thinking about trying to come up with something, that when new members and guest, coming into the forum for the first time, could look at to find definitions to some of the words & slang that are used here at Male Survivor.

Personally, I think it should be it's own seperate forum and be placed at the top of the list of forums. It would be the first topic that that people would see when they first enter the discussion boards.

I would like to see the list include definitions for the following words:
  • UBB code (for Victor) :p (actually I made a mistake on this one.) The smiley face should be Graemlins and UBB code should include a link how to use them.
  • EMDR
  • Perp.
  • Sexual preditor
  • Discussion board: Commonly called the just the board ....
  • S. A.: Short for sexual assault
  • T.
  • Rape
  • Sexual Assault
  • molestation
  • Prifessional insest (a new term that I heard the other day) It described how Professionals are often looked at as a substute for parents by victims. That is why so often they gain our trust. But then they abuse that trust when they engage in sex with us ( from Advocate Web)

This list is by no means complete. Feel free to add your own definitions.

Also, if someone has a question about a word that was used either in chat or on the board they could ask it here.

Just my thoughts,


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