Here's some ideas for those in charge of this most excellent place:

-- All members should have a secret handshake (for the sake of being cool)

-- In that packet we got in the mail we got cool stuff, but we didnt get any stickers. I was in the X-Files fan club once and I got stickers with it. Oh and I was in the Weezer Fan club and they sent me unreleased CDs of their music. I could die happy if I had a oldschool "NOMSV" live CD I could rock out to. Temporary tattoos would be cool too. I'll head that up if you want me to.

Damn I was gonna give a lot more ideas but I can't stop thinking about what a cool NOMSV tattoo would look like. i think i'll draw it.

ok thanks


By the way, I don't know what to consider this membership. I want to place it above access to a discussion forum, and above my fan clubs, and above my connections with the mafia, but I'm at a loss.

In the name of the Anger, and of the Sadness, and of the Unholy Fear. Amen.