Hi Broken,

I read your post and can relate to it from your brothers perspective somewhat.I was abused from the ages of 11-16 yrs.when I was about 15 or so I to tried to abuse someone.It only happened once and to this day I can't forgive myself.As a teenager my mind was all messed up and didn't know what was right.I can't understand why I would do this,to hurt someone, other than the fact of my own abuse,and I have been going through hell everyday thinking about it for 20 years.I wish I had all the answers, I guess abuse affects everyone a little differently and maybe like you were thinking, your brother was also abused.In my opinion you should give your brother a chance to explain because I know I would like the opportunity myself to try to explain my situation to anyone that would listen.It is a terrible thing that happened to all of us, and this is great to have a place to express ourselves.

Best Regards,Robert