Originally posted by rekox:
Have you others had physical symptoms from abuse? ...Sometimes my bottom is hurting as much as it hurt then my stepfather raped me.
Sometimes I think that my body remembers more than my mind. ...
How about you? Have the abuse left you physical as well as psychical marks?

Let me validate that for you, Rekox!

I've had my own experiences with "body memories". Although my mother was the first person to teach me inappropriate sexual response, she hid the sexuality (probably from herself too) by characterizing her treatments as "caretaking" or "home nursing". As a result I could not say "no" to any trusted adult. A family friend, a handyman, recognized this and took advantage of it.

Somehow, I blocked the memory of this... except for a few odd sensations. These sensations did not make sense until many years later, when the emotional shock of losing my wife seemed to shake memories loose. Over 40 years after it happened, I realized that I was feeling sensations of being molested. I would like to disclose my full story, probably on the board set up for that.

It took some time, years, before I recovered the memory, struggled with questions like, "is it true, or a false memory?", and eventually believed it and got wildly angry about it; then at last I was able to let it go.

Please be encouraged to know that it we CAN work through these injuries, even if it does take longer than we want it to take.