Have you others had physical symptoms from abuse? I have some quite irritating probably psychosomatic symptoms that come from abuse I think. Abuse left me some scars and they ache often badly. Sometimes my bottom is hurting as much as it hurt then my stepfather raped me. I also have very bad migraine that has got worse. Few weeks ago my stomach ache also badly and I throw up at least ten times a day. Now it's little better but I still vomit frequently. It doesn't make things better that I'm very afraid of doctors and especially dentists. In past few months I have been forced to use their services much and it has been nightmare. I just hate to be touched. Worst is then someone sticks something to my mouth (dentists and doctors both do it much as you all know.) But as I said sometimes it's unavoidable to go to see them. Instead going to masseur isn't so essential and that is something I never get done although sometimes my shoulders and are so stiff that I can't move my head.

Sometimes I think that my body remembers more than my mind. One touch to wrong place can make me go back to those horrible years.

How about you? Have the abuse left you physical as well as psychical marks?