NOSMV needs to make a poster. I'm sure some of us have taken up drawing or painting as a form of artistic expression. If you even do this as a hobby, why not send in a few dozen sketches for a poster or two?

Also, if you are a professional who works in a job that like a contruction worker, a fireman, police officer, a docter, a buisness owner or any kind of respected professional, why not send in your photo for a poster? It would be a great way to expose the truth and show that you are proud to be a survivor. Even now, i see a lot of us feel like we have to hide, but this cant go on forever. We have to stand up and let it be known that we can triumph over this and other men are not alone! I know a lot of you out there may be thinking your artwork isnt good enough, or that your just an amatuer, but make an honest effort anyways. It would be good just to send in some blank inspiring sketches without slogans, that way we could chose the type later. Even if you dont have much art experiance and just have some ideas, why not throw them on down? Every little bit helps.