Oct. 25, 26, 27
Transmuting Trauma, Tending Spirit
For survivors and their supporters.
Men and Women. Limited to 60 participants.

at Earthsong Yoga Center,
Marlboro MA 508-480-8884
at the intersection of Rt 495 and MA Pike.
Brochure Available soon! (not yet though)

Partial registrations and work exchange also available.

Timepeace Calendars for survivors will be on sale featuring visionary artwork by Anma Jackie Gordon and sculpture by Renee Rhodes.

We will look at the mechanics of how trauma manifests in the body and in brain function. Partipants will have a clear understanding of why and how individuals are hard wired to respond with either the fight, flight or freeze response, and how this impacts learning, communication, heailng, and action. Tools will be shared that help to restore continuity of consciousness and full brain function between the right and left brain and back and front brain. Techniques for sedating triple warmer meridian, (involved in the fight or flight response) to move from being overwhelmed to just whelmed will be taught.
This approach is a synthesis of Chinese energetic healing, IET, Yoga philosphy, Paul Dennison and neuroscientist Carla Hanneford's Brain Gym, and Donna Eden's Energy Medicine. Spirit singing with the River of Song to free the voice will also be offered.
Survivor artwork welcomed.
Practioners may send materials for distribution.
Seperate workshop for men only, using chinese energetic healing.
Seperate workshop for survivor supporters.

NOTE: I am not a male and not a regular reader so please email me if you want to be on our email list or mailing list for the event or the calendar. I will post again when the brochure is printed. This is a wonderful site, Thanks,
Dyslexic Sistermoon... esyoga@charter.net