Well, today was a rough one. Yesterday, i confronted my mom about her abusive behavior towards me, today my shrink told me we would not be able to have contact during his break. . (we have done this for the last five years and was "amazed" he hadn't told me and is mad at me for my reaction to this news); my wife has developed additional ticks (she has Tourette Syndrome) and needs to go off her medication, the car needs $650 worth of work and we have skunks around the house.

Aside from that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play? I'm tired of having such intensity . . . I'm embarrassed for having such trouble for keeping it together and ashamed I have so much trouble. . . and tired and feeling somewhat sorry for myself. Sorry.

Its just a lot - I spend so much of my time trying to stay even - when it goes badly, it really goes badly. . . I try not to take it out on myself - by frankly, all I want is peace. My parents should never have had children. . People are either helped or hurt by their upbringing. . I'm afraid I was really hurt.

There is nothing anyone can really do. . I know tomorrow may be better. . . (although it doesnt' feel that way now)