Thank you for the very helpful and honest shares on a pretty much taboo topic. It means quite a bit and I feel that "me too" thing going on.

I think I really underestimated how hyper sexed I became from my abuse. There was a solid decade of young adulthood that was totally preoccupied with sex. With me having any sex I could get. I remember times we pulled into port and getting 4 hookers one night and having sex with them all, each one. When women were in short supply, men would be just as good. It was all about self worth thru my penis. That was my value as a person, a rigid penis.

That phase did pass, the intense sex preoccupation. I have only recently been working on self esteem not related to how well I please my partner. Strange how that worked.

I was used for sex as a 7 year old boy. And decades later I lived still a slave to sex and not knowing why. I still believed the lie. I wore the crown of shame.

It has been a revelation this last year.

Thank you my brothers for helping me walk the path.
I feel more like I do now than I did when I got here.