When I Was

When I was young a little boy
I was ME, MYSELF and I.

Then the change happened at 6 years old,
I was no longer ME, I was someone's toy.

With sweet words from moving mouths,
trusted arms I was thrusted into hell
no longer MYSELF
just put on a shelf for later use.

The next one came along a year later
spinning and spiraling I fell in to the web
to be trapped and preyed upon by a total of 7 perps.

Years of suffering and torment without end or understanding.

The I that was left knew only fear and tears.
I only lived like a dead man walking.
I built towers, planted flowers in my make believe world.
I could not feel or heal.
Pain that we all know but never show.
After many years of shame there was no other way
but to love ME, MYSELF and I.

I Took MYSELF by the hand and held ME in MY arms
and started to live.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain."
Frank Herbert