well, it's been a while since i posted, so i figure i should catch you guys up on stuff a little bit. i guess i lost a little steam after a little while, and that lasted maybe a week or so. and then since then, whenever I felt like I wanted to post something, i was either too busy, or couldn't find how i wanted to say it, or started reading other's posts and then before long for one reason or another, my original thoughts were the last things on my mind.
but maybe all of that was a good thing. time will naturally separate what is really important from those "important" things that might have flirted around my conscious mind for a day or two (or an hour or two, or a minute or two XD), but were resolved or deemed irrelevant as quickly as they popped into my mind. i know you guys are probably willing to be supportive with day-to-day issues(and i probably will bring up tons of those issues in the future) but it is good to see that they sometimes just take care of themselves if i'm patient.
anyhow, although there have been a few things that have bugged me in the last couple of weeks, they've been resolved, and i'm feeling good now. i just spent the last weekend being a leader to some middle school boys at a weekend long camp. it was rewarding to see two of them open up to me, and just let loose some of the pain they were hanging onto. all they needed was someone who would listen. i intend to keep in touch with them as best as i can.

so anyhow, that should fill you all in on how i've been and where i'm at right now.