in re : MT.

Some good guys there.... Some really not very good guys. Some believe Ssa just means your gay , not my or professionals opinions. I found/ find some opinions in regards to being gay/ straight just don't vibe well at all f or me and found sometimes my heterosexuality was looked down upon.

Personally I don't think they are good with some boundries that makes it a bit unsafe fir me and has turned me into a lurker and rarely a poster.... although there were similar boundry issues here before it went down and some mods were dismissed.

They origins f or good or bad, came from some men for whatever reason we're banned from here...and started another site.

All peer driven and sometimes I felt they tried/try waaaaay to hard to be the anti ms even if that ment rolling over some basic boundaries.

They had quite an influx after ms went down fir a bit, but it didn't hold the membership that went looking.

As cheesy as it sounds... with great power comes great responsibility... many survivors are just not able to be tempted li ke that and not blur boundries.

good luck