Today, i spoke to my therapist and told him "i am gay".
Then, i shared alot of my challenges, the sexual abuse,
bulllying and my culture and i was terrified of coming out
to my folks, and friends.

My therapist told me he is proud of me. It meant the world
to me for him to say this.!
Then a couple hours later, i went to my folks place and didnt
know what to expect.
I grabbed my moms hands and told her " mom i got to tell you
something "..
"What ? " she asked
"I am gay!"
"Oh we knew that."
" What?" i asked
"Oh ,yea you brother told us , ,yeah your dad i know".
She continued to say " your my son, i love you no matter what".
It was awesome.
I told my dad a few minutes , later that was alright.
But i am good! I plan to tell a lady friend of mine tomorrow.
Anyway, i still have this hate in me,, i am sure it is my
uncle and his fucking secret he likes me to keep,,
man would i love to knock on his door with a sledgehammer
in my hand.
Healing myself.
I am worth living.
Love you guys.