Back in 2003 there was a new report. A 10-yo boy was here in the mountains celebrating his birthday with his family. In fact, it was not just was this same weekend as today's. So ten years

News reports of missing, killed, and injured, kids have always devastated me and Patrick McCarthy was no exception. It was a long search...I think 1 week, and the "find" was incidental; probably a hunter. LINK to PATRICK

Here we are, 10 years later to the day. A 14-yo girl has gone missing in a similar fashion as Patrick. In an instant - Abigail Hernandez is missing...on her birthday...same weekend...same area.

This is too weird for me. Too many coincidences for me. I've tried to notify the FBI and others. I've emailed to them what I know. I just wanted to be certain that someone did not let this detail fade or go unnoticed.

Today's Missing Girl.

I hate these cases.