On November 13-14, 2013, GridEx II will exercise NERC and industry crisis response plans and identify actionable improvement recommendations for plans, security programs, and skills. The scenario will build on lessons learned from GridEx 2011 and include both cyber-security and physical security components.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) conducted the first sector-wide grid security exercise, GridEx 2011, on November 16-17, 2011. The exercise was designed to validate the readiness of the Electricity Sub-sector to respond to a cyber incident, strengthen utilities’ crisis response functions, and provide input for internal security program improvements.

The objectives of the NERC Grid Security Exercise (GridEx) series are to exercise the current readiness of participating Electricity Sub-sector entities to respond to a cyber incident and provide input for security program improvements to the bulk power system.


The North American Electric Reliability Corporation is a not-for-profit entity whose mission is to ensure the reliability of the Bulk-Power System in North America.

NERC is the electric reliability organization for North America, subject to oversight by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and governmental authorities in Canada. Entities under NERC’s jurisdiction are the users, owners and operators of the Bulk-Power System, which serves more than 334 million people.





Testimony of Gerry Cauley, President and Chief Executive Officer,
North American Electric Reliability Corporation
Before the
Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee
Hearing on the Status of Actions Taken to Ensure that the Electric Grid is Protected from Cyber Attacks