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#444929 - 08/21/13 04:17 PM Doctor Visit
DavoSwim Offline

Registered: 02/06/13
Posts: 397
Loc: Midwest

I had a doctor's appointment this morning. A few months ago I had told him that I had experienced CSA while growing up. At that time, his response was, in my opinion, rather uncaring. I was upset with him and thought about finding a new doctor.

I just mentioned to him today that I was seeing a T for childhood sex abuse issues. His response was "I am so sorry that you experienced that growing up." That one sentence made all the difference. I didn't need to go into anymore depth about what was going on. I really felt he was on my side with all my health problems, and I'm glad I didn't just find another doctor.


#444935 - 08/21/13 05:27 PM Re: Doctor Visit [Re: DavoSwim]
Suwanee Offline
Chat Moderator

Registered: 10/30/12
Posts: 1339

I remember when you encountered this back in the spring. I was hoping your doctor was distracted or just having a bad day. That seems to be the's amazing what a few understanding words will do. I'm glad you got to hear them.

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#445011 - 08/22/13 01:26 AM Re: Doctor Visit [Re: DavoSwim]
ThisMan Offline

Registered: 01/23/13
Posts: 778
Loc: upper south
That is great, Dave. Validation by someone as important as our care giver gives tremendous credence to our issues. I am glad you told him again and glad he shared his words.

For now we see through a glass, darkly.

#445015 - 08/22/13 01:59 AM Re: Doctor Visit [Re: DavoSwim]
BraveFalcon Offline

Registered: 02/26/13
Posts: 1231
Loc: The ATL

Hi Dave. I remember the thread you're talking about. I'm glad to hear that the situation was more or less rectified and that the doctor in question had a chance to redeem himself. Hope the rest of the visit went well to. smile Peace,


#445025 - 08/22/13 02:36 AM Re: Doctor Visit [Re: DavoSwim]
Jude Offline

Registered: 08/09/12
Posts: 1633
Loc: New England
Originally Posted By: DavoSwim
....His response was "I am so sorry that you experienced that growing up."
Oddly enough, my PCP said almost exactly the same thing to me. Maybe they took the same class.

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#445092 - 08/22/13 02:42 PM Re: Doctor Visit [Re: DavoSwim]
toddop Offline

Registered: 10/14/11
Posts: 233
Loc: California

I am glad to hear that you had a better experience with your doctor. I hate doctors due to a really bad experience as a kid. I have always kept them at arm's length because I generally find they are really tuned out to anything other than the physical. When you find one that responds with sympathy and kindness to an issue like CSA that is also psychological and emotional, it is golden.

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-Albert Einstein

#445124 - 08/22/13 08:02 PM Re: Doctor Visit [Re: DavoSwim]
Rich1967 Offline

Registered: 07/18/13
Posts: 682
Loc: PA
Good news Dave.

I never thought about it much. I told my doc and he didn't seem to know what to say. From his expression I guess he knows it's a big deal, but just didn't know what to say. I went because I was issues and told him I thought maybe this was psychological in nature because of my CSA (which I think it is). He went right to testosterone levels and gave me a script for Viagra. Oh well, I thought some people just don't get it. He's a nice guy and always says to say hi to my wife, but very much just a physical stuff only doctor.

Maybe I should think about switching?
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#445146 - 08/22/13 09:36 PM Re: Doctor Visit [Re: DavoSwim]
Publius Offline

Registered: 03/13/12
Posts: 444
Loc: OH
"From his expression I guess he knows it's a big deal, but just didn't know what to say."

In my experience this is case with most disclosures to non-survivors. They know how they are supposed to react, they genuinely believe what was done to us was heinous, but they simply do not know what to say or do. My own doctor suggested I "bury it because this is something that can really hold you back," which really just made me wonder what he had to bury in order to become a doctor. All in all he probably genuinely means what he said to you but he likely has no idea just how meaningful hearing that is for a survivor.
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