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#432906 - 04/29/13 06:18 PM Re: How not to get angry ... [Re: Observador]
Airmid Offline

Registered: 12/02/11
Posts: 95
Loc: South
Sometimes the avoidance and masturbation is easier for them. I know mine carried so much shame(and still does) that to even approach it was taken as "WTH is wrong with you, you nasty person!"

I generally believe that a little self love from time to time is fine, but when it replaces attempting intimacy, it's acting on the fear and shame to numb out, and that's not a good deal. To me, that's like drugging, and isn't acceptable.

But, we can't make anyone grow on our time lines. Honestly, my H still does it, although I can tell from clues that it's less frequent, and I can see that with therapy, he's willing to take the risk of getting emotionally closer to me. That means more sexual closeness, even if it's not to the depth or frequency I would like. So I see progress. I don't say "yay you" or note it aloud, because any mention can still bring the shame back to him, but I show gratitude when he's more emotionally and physically intimate with me.

Observador, is he in therapy right now? if not, what you're saying falls into place pre-recovery. It also makes sense for this to crop back up when survivors are stressed or doing heavy therapeutic work. One of my guy friends who's a survivor pointed out that there were days he could barely carry on an average conversation, much less maintain emotional intimacy with anyone else. He said his emotions were just fried.

Edited because I addressed the wrong person. Sorry!

Edited by Airmid (04/29/13 06:19 PM)

#433061 - 04/30/13 04:02 PM Re: How not to get angry ... [Re: Airmid]
Observador Offline

Registered: 01/08/13
Posts: 16
Originally Posted By: Airmid
Observador, is he in therapy right now? if not, what you're saying falls into place pre-recovery. It also makes sense for this to crop back up when survivors are stressed or doing heavy therapeutic work. One of my guy friends who's a survivor pointed out that there were days he could barely carry on an average conversation, much less maintain emotional intimacy with anyone else. He said his emotions were just fried.

No he is not. We can't afford it. He even denies that it ever happened. I found out about his CSA by pure chance, he was having a nightmare. So I started to put thing together and figured it out.
I am a stay at home mom, with no family close, but him, and depend on him for every little thing. I have to ask permission to do anything, tell him if I go to the grocery store. If I ask him why he is late, or what he is doing, he gets mad, and always turn the things around, like I am to blame for everything. I am so tired. I am so weak, I can't confront him, because I know he will blame it on me, and it will put me down, and I will believe him. I am so afraid to tell him anything. I try to do everything right, so he would no get angry. He does not call me names, or bad words, he does not hit me, but I hate the way he makes me feel. Once I was shaking and Stuttering(?)( sorry, my English is doubtful) to tell him something that I could not do the way he wanted me to, over the phone. When I approached him to read about CSA on the internet, to see if he could identify himself with anything, he said I was not right in head, I should seek help, and I believed him, even though I knew deep inside that I was fine, I even started hearing voices, noises there were not there. But then I got back on my feet for the sake of my children. I am so tired. I don't smile anymore. I am alone, my family is so far away. It is hard to accept that the person I love and care the most is the one responsible for my misery and despair.

#433076 - 04/30/13 06:11 PM Re: How not to get angry ... [Re: Observador]
Airmid Offline

Registered: 12/02/11
Posts: 95
Loc: South
I'm sorry you're hurting. Is there a domestic violence/abuse center in your area? Not only do they offer shelter, but counseling for all types of abuse. the center where I live (near a major city), also offers one-on-one for men, should he ever get willing to heal.

But this space is yours. Since he's acting controlling, you may have to get creative: maybe call the center and arrange for a session when they offer child care. Explain the truth to them, and to him...well, since we repeat patterns we learned as kids, there's a chance you might come from a controlling or abusive house, yes? If so, he will only know you're going to deal with the fallout from that. If you didn't grow up with any abuse, you might need to find another way to leave for sessions. this is vital for us; I don't know where I'd be without individual counseling. Last January, I finally had had enough (the story is long and in my first few posts if you'd like to read it), and did actually prepare to leave if he didn't seek help for himself. Ou marriage counselor asked him to not return to session until he wasn't intimidating, threatening and abusive; she arranged for him to get individual elsewhere.

Another option is Al-Anon, and many cities have meetings with child care and during the day when most people are at work, as well as at night.

#504628 - Yesterday at 03:25 PM Re: How not to get angry ... [Re: Observador]
WontGiveUp Offline

Registered: 02/12/13
Posts: 122
Ugh.... I struggle with the aftermath myself. My husband had a masturbation problem. And I call it a problem because he pretty much ignored (and even more so now) me and preferred to please himself instead of being in a normal, healthy sexual relationship with his wife. Personally - its my own opinion that its cheating. I know for a fact he got mad at me even asking how he would feel if I masturbated to the image and idea of another man. I think that was the first time it hit him that its a problem. Of course, he still DID it (and was caught multiple times and yet lied).

Secrecy and lies... neglect, loneliness. Poisons.

I dont think my husband cheated with another person - but he certainly cheated me out of a healthy sexual relationship/marriage and now is running away. I know in my head the reasons, and i have accepted it in my brain. I get that having a healthy romantic/sexual relationship just isnt possible right now based on him saying that part of him is dead at the moment. I accept and embraced that with the idea that we would work together to recover (him and the CSA , me and my anger/hurt). Honestly - while occasionally it grates me, generally I have forgiven him for the past and it really doesnt come up very often (save for some times when I get triggered - as I talked about in another post today). And I say "generally" because its when the thought that he might still be lying to me comes up, its hard to maintain that state of forgiveness.

My husband, while angry and having problems with transference of that anger towards me is NEVER violent. I am grateful for that. Generally he is quite good natured, at least on the surface. And when I am triggered, all my suspicions are reignited. I try very hard to not expose my husband to that, since he has worked very hard on his changes, I do not want to jeopardize ANY of that. He doesnt deserve that. But I gotta find a way to move past some of this and not go directly to suspicion and anger for what *MIGHT* be going on when I feel this way.

I wish I knew how not to get angry - but I dont. Even after time and working on my anger, I still DO get very angry. I have come to the conclusion though that my anger is rooted in fear. When your husband walks away from you and finds self pleasuring better than being with you - it causes all sorts of fears. Insecurities... thinking that you arent good enough, not beautiful enough, or not fit enough. Right now - I cannot stand to see myself in the mirror so I avoid them at all cost (hard in my house which is full of them!). I know that self hatred is rooted in the fear created by my relationship with my husband. But its not HIS responsibility - its mine. I am the only one who can undo that fear. And hopefully, as I work on that, my anger will lesson as well.

I dont spend all my time angry, its very little of it and happily getting less and less... but its there. I think those who said letting go is the only answer are right. I have been working on that as much as I can since the day he said he wanted to leave, since the only time he wanted to be married was when he was in a good mood.

Sorry - today is one of those days. I am rambling and reading posts of those who it seems are living my same life. Its hard, but its good to see that there is some hope.
*** rising from the ashes like a phoenix ***

#504644 - Today at 04:22 AM Re: How not to get angry ... [Re: Observador]
HealingHope Offline

Registered: 08/24/15
Posts: 118
Hi WGU, I'm sorry youve had a hard day of it. It's such a minute we think we're doing fine, coming to terms and not being triggered and just when we think we have it nailed, it hits us like a truck again.
I know I've not had to experience this issues you have because we're not married and haven't lived together, but I do relate to the anger that bubbles up. For me my anger is coming from the injustice of it all, and aimed squarely at his perps. The way I've coped is to work hard on learning about sociopaths and how they function...its helped me to box the anger at their feet. I hope with all my heart he will one day be free from their influence. Oddly, since I've discovered so much from so many here about the effects of his abuse, I've found peace in that. No anger towards him...I used to be confused and feel so hurt by his going away, but now I just miss him...simple as that.
I'm not sure this is helping as I know my story is so different to yours. Just wanted to say, I'm sorry you're hurting. Something I regularly work on is meditation, everyday if I can. I let the emotions bubble up and cry, the tears literally just come out of nowhere, i don't latch on to the cause, i just let it come and it passes. One thing I have learnt about anger is the more we fixate on it, trying to make sense of it we stay stuck in that place...all the energy we put into being anrgy fuels its fire. At times I've needed to feel that anger to fire me on to find out more and more but in the end i realised it was only hurting me more, so I turned to meditation. I'm rambling alot! Hope this is of some help. Blessings HH

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