They are wreckless and irresponsible people, but they try to look like they are exactly the opposite.

That is, they present themselves as always doing what is right, and as being very careful and responsible. But this is totally untrue in certain areas. They are completely irresponsible about the fact that what looks to be right is nothing of the sort.

See, I have lots of exposure to drunken bums, people who don't care about anything, people who just live to escape from awareness, people who are looked down upon.

Likewise I also have lots of exposure to a related group, Pentecostals.

I also have exposure to White Trash. I was thinking about this yesterday. For a long time now, at least among white people, there is no more working class. There is just the middle class, and then the white trash.

Well, the drunken bums are wreckless. They just do whatever and don't worry about the consequences. The Pentecostals are wreckless, but in a different way. Their entire religion is just acting out, just dumping on people, just making messes, and then leaving other people to clean it up. They are just doing what they can get away with.

I don't care much about the drunken bums. I don't really have a problem with them. But I do have a problem with the Pentecostals. They really believe that what they are doing is a divine calling, and hence above the law. It is the Pentecostals that I try to reign in.

I've been in 7th heaven now for a week because a group of them just got kicked out of a public park.

Well, my parents are also wreckless when it comes to having children. They assumed that just by having children everything would work out. Or better I say, they assumed that the children could make it all work out. They intentionally put their own alienation in the world, their own fears, their own unstable positions and their own conflicts on to the children.

This was deliberate, and it was wrong.

Of course one can see now how this could never have happened except in the realm of the capitalist isolated nuclear family. But in saying this it is important that I not exonerate them. I must not go into any of the denial systems ( live and let live, self reliance, therapy, recovery, religion, liberal pedagogy ). If I do fall into any of these exonerations and denial, then I am forever subjugated; I am living in Bad Faith just like my parents. I will have been used by them, and accepting it. It is also important that I protect myself, in any and all venues, as triggering other people's denial systems makes me a target. Maintaining and defending a Privacy Wall is essential here. I don't give out information about myself, and I never take questions about any aspect of my own life experience.

No, change occurs when people make common cause with others and make a new way of life. But to do this one must not be practicing live and let live or self reliance. One must be striking, inflicting consequence. One must be finding points of attack and using them.

One cannot pretend that they are responding to issues, while at the same time be failing to strike back, failing to inflict tangible consequences, and failing to make common cause with others who will aid in this.