The photo may be saying different things to different people, which is healthy. For me it means several things. It is a man being strong and being able to show his son how that feels. It is a son who is not showing much joy in his father's embrace. This might be because he is disturbed by it, or it might simply be how he is experiencing his father at the moment. Perhaps he is feeling his father's strength and power, when at another moment he might feel the joy.

I love the shirtless part of it and don't find it disturbing. I had some of that from my Dad and think that my children should feel my skin as well.

There are so many forms of touch and so many ways it can be experienced. I know I have to remind myself of that in order to break out of the frozen emptiness that keeps a part of me hidden away forever. It may be that we all have our own personal triggers. With me, it is my neck and hips and back where things are really fragile.

But if I look for only one kind of touch from another I'm afraid I will ultimately reinforce my own untouchability and never experience real trust.

I hope you may find a way to allow for all of the feelings and possibilities to be there, because that shows how human you are. Being human also means that no one has the right to take away your own dignity.

Lose the drama; life is a poem.