Dear Colleagues:

As part of the celebration of our launch of 1in6 Canada: The Nation’s Knowledge Centre for Male Sexual Trauma and Recovery, I welcome you to join us for one or more of the events we are running.

On Thursday March 21st, from 7-10 pm, we are hosting our Official Reception at Galerie SAW Gallery, 67 Nicholas Street, Ottawa here in Ottawa. Info and tickets ($50) can be ordered through our website or office.

On Friday March 22nd, at 10:00 am, come witness history-in-the-making by joining us at our Media Conference at the Sheraton Hotel, 150 Albert Street,Ottawa. Coffee and conversation will follow.

Then on Saturday March 23rd and Sunday March 24th, men and their families are welcome to come to our first Men of Courage Community Conference on men’s mental health and well-being. Join us for keynote speakers (including Frank O’Dea, founder of the Second Cup, Art Lockhart, founder of the Gatehouse of Toronto), dedicated workshops (such as fathering, integrity, partners’ needs, sexual integrity, and as well, a screening of the documentary “Boys and Men Healing” with discussion. There is also a dedicated psycho-educational stream for men who are interested in beginning their journey of recovery. Service providers are also welcome. Tickets are $50, and a number of scholarships are reserved for low income men.

All details are at

We thank our funders, sponsors, individual donors, the YMCA-YWCA, partner agencies, as well as our many volunteers to make this resource happen.

Please spread the word. 1in6 Canada will be stronger with your support. I appreciate your enquiries to make this happen.

Best to you, Rick
Rick Goodwin, MSW RSW
Executive Director
The Men's Project/Le projet pour hommes
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
"Helping men and their families build better lives"