Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a Weekend of Recovery - within our group there was a man SIMON who touched all of us deeply. He does not have internet access but has sent his poems to me for posting on this site. His transformation over the weekend was amazing! I have also included a poem that I have written (at the end) the I have dedicated to this strong man who now walks in his Journey of Recovery.

Counted Sorrows (by Simon)
We can embrace love, it's not too late
Why don't we sleep instead we hate
Belief requires no suspension
To see hell is our own invention
We make hell real, we stroke it's fires
And in it's flames our hope expires
Heaven too is merely our creation
We can grant ourselves our own salvation
All that is required is imagination

Turning Point (by Simon)
Save me from Myself
I said
I want to be dead
As I cried
I came into this world from my mother's Godly womb
And have fallen into the bowels of hell
As I wipe tears aside
Before I knew half my life had passed me by
Now here I stand at Turning Point
Todays wishing well
At the age of forty, struggling with illness ans suicide
At the age of five through my blood did flow suicide
Born into a little lumber town
Where love was never found
Physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse
To carry on, Oh what's the use
Now they say I have the IBS disease
Which has dropped me to my knees
So as I throw this coin of 'live one day at a time' into the bother
I wish, Oh Turning Point help me with my bother
So that I don't take my own life
For I truly do love my children and wife

Healing (by Simon)
I've laughed, I've cried
I've lived, I've died
Fear, guilt, shame
They were to blame
Through the male survivor weekend of recovery
I've learned to live in harmony
I've learned to live with my pains
That flow through my veins
I have found myself
Took me off of the suicide shelf
Now again I live
So for that, to the world
Love i'll give


A Shattered Cast (by FinallyOpen)

I saw this man so violated, so weakened
from a distance, appearing to have been so beaten
His eyes. their colour drained of life
he wore the pain, of all his strife

As he spoke, of his stolen past
he stated ... Im a shattered cast!
a man who once held his head so high
such torment from others, made him want to die

He promptly demanded, Im not to be touched!
I yearned to hold and comfort him so much
the only way to touch this man
was through his mind and not his hand

Through our brief encounter were many a tear
releasing countless years of built up pain and fear
but alas, his eyes emerged to shine again
in such brilliant blue I saw a friend

By time we parted he welcomed touch
this man who has now found himself so much
as his journey of healing continues along
hell remain in my heart and mind forever long

.. he walks now with the strength to carry on!

Male Survivor WOR January 2013

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