The wake and funeral were all earlier in the week. I just figured the bar would be a classic Irish send-off. I called down there to see. Basically, all of Arthur's friends are gone or too old to be out. its all a young crowd now, and they only know the hired bartenders and my cousin who now runs the place.

Arthur had 10 children in the house. For a while, they were all a combined family (like Your's Mine and Ours movie). As a kid, I would BEG to get to stay there for summer visits or weekends. It was always insane fun, but a safe cruelty. The lack of cruelty and the presence of love was SO SO foreign to me.

When two of his daughters came-out as lesbian (one much older than me and one my exact age), Arthur never even batted an eye-lid. They were his girls and that was that.

His eldest son lives only two towns away from me...runs a nursing home. He use to visit with my mother all the time. He knows I live here.

Why did no one call?

I'll never understand this place. My relationship I devised as a child with this world worked very nicely for me. I'm heading back to it more and more each day. Fortunately, in Whoville, its acceptable to live, hike, hang-out and overall 'be' in and of the forest. Its just that this time, there will be no violence-option when I come home.