From our great friend Victor Vieth, director of the National Child Protection Training Center:

...yesterday a group of bipartisan members of congress, five Democrats and two Republicans, introduced legislation to develop regional training centers affiliated with universities who will assist NCPTC in disseminating undergraduate and graduate child protection programs throughout the United States. We already have 29 programs up and running in 15 different states, including programs in colleges, universities, law schools, medical schools and seminaries. This legislation, if passed, would help us achieve our goal of 500 university programs within ten years. Obviously, if Male Survivor did partner with us to base employees at these programs, this legislation would be important to accomplish. Even apart from that, Iím hoping Male Survivor will publicly support the bill and urge your colleagues to contact members of congress in support. Since we discussed the importance of the reform in the closing keynote I think a lot of folks will be very supportive.

If you would like to learn more about the legislation, here is the link to a press release on Senator Amy Klobucharís website and a second link to the website of Senator John Boozman:
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