A huge settlement was announced yesterday on the oil spill in the Gulf almost 2 years ago.



This reminds me of the losses to survivors of sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts. The settlement by BP represents settlement and admission of damages. Survivors of abuse in the Boy Scouts have experienced huge losses, including loss of employment, loss of wages, expense for therapy, personal pain including PTSD and depression, and loss to families. The damage doesn't simply go away when the abuse stops.

Thus I relate the BP settlement to large organizations like the Boy Scouts, where the administrators make huge salaries, well beyond the middle class range touted in recent election debates. I have spent thousands on counseling and I've lost jobs and been refused other jobs because of the effects of abuse I experienced as a Boy Scout. So I think that seemingly large organizations like the BSA should at the very minimum bear the costs of my counseling and damages to my self esteem and years of depression, etc. It is time the Boy Scouts of America accepted responsibility for the damage of thousands of boys over the years.

Back to the BP incident:

a federal judge in New Orleans is deciding whether to approve an estimated $7.8 billion settlement between BP and more than 100,000 businesses and individuals who say they were harmed by the spill. They include fishermen, charter boat captains, restaurants, hotels and property owners.

The Boy Scout executive director is listed as 6th highest in compensation packages among non-profit institutions at $1,136,942. That is ahead of the National Rifle Association. Other Boy Scout administrators are well paid.



...BP will plead guilty to 11 felony counts of misconduct or neglect of a vessel's officers, one felony count of obstruction of Congress


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