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#481071 - 04/21/15 10:39 AM Re: Does ssa feelings ever go away ? [Re: james 1959]
DavoSwim Offline

Registered: 02/06/13
Posts: 397
Loc: Midwest
I've always identified as being straight, although I have experienced SSA. Consequently, I've engaged in sex with men, anonymously, multiple times which contrasts to the sex I had with women, which usually occurred while I was in a relationship, especially as I've gotten older. When I acted out, it was never about the other person, it was about taking charge, recreating the abuse, and asserting myself, as opposed to being weak and dominated which describes the original CSA.

As I've done the work to heal and undo the shame, and embarrassment I felt, I realize that there were moments of real connection to my perp, where he embraced me, made me feel safe and protected me from evil. At the time of the abuse, I didn't comprehend that he was the evil he was protecting me from. At the age of 11, I didn't have the emotional and psychological maturity needed to see the situation as it actually was. I only saw it as being safe rather than being as scared little boy. Is this sense of being protected an indication that I'm not straight, like I thought I was, but in actuality, is an indication that I'm gay? Is it protection I'm seeking, without regard to the perp's sex/gender, or is it a true connection to another man that I'm experiencing? Is the drive to achieve safety, the absence of which contributed to setting me up for abuse, and which is often lacking in my life even now, pushing me to seek out men for these encounters, because men were the abusers and false-protectors? Is this desire for safety happening at the expense of sex with women which I've always felt is my true desire? Is it crazy to be 50 and questioning my sexual orientation? I've always thought my default orientation is straight. I've always dreamed of falling in love with a woman and getting married. I love sex with women and being allowed access to her body is undeniably satisfying. The sex I've had with men may feel good physically, but I feel dissociated and only there to seek that sense of protection that was critically important in my past, because during the acts of CSA, I was a scared little boy who only wanted to be told everything will be okay. Achieving that sense of harmony is more often than not unsuccessful and the emotional chaos left behind is damaging to my well being. However, when the sense of being safe is achieved, it is good. The foundation on which my identity and self worth is based currently is shaky and being tested. How do I achieve truth and recognize what is real? Life is too short to be struggling in this way, and I'd like to finish life authentically.

#481101 - 04/22/15 12:12 PM Re: Does ssa feelings ever go away ? [Re: CafeMan]
pete1973 Offline

Registered: 01/02/14
Posts: 53
Loc: Ontario, Canada
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings, very intense indeed and more indepth than some of our conversations.
I can relate to your thoughts and feelings. Everything changed the day that scumbag tricked me to come in the house and go into that room for a "tip" for being a good paperboy.
I lost all trust in everyone at that point, close family excluded, and was so embarrassed and ashamed that I was fooled into it and to this day I beat myself up knowing that my gut told me not to go up those stairs. I didn't want anyone to know what happened and at the time I thought of it as what a fool I was and I lost all interest in girls and my guy friends were kept at arm's length and few, the less people in my life the less I had to try to hide what happened. Then to make me more confused, after grade 8 I had 2 experiences with a couple of friends involving masturbating and receiving oral and knowing that they were cool with it I thought it was good and really enjoyed it and for a moment I thought maybe I could have a normal sex life after all but no word was spoken about what we did like it was a big, shameful secret and only made me more confused so I hid the best I could through high school and masturbated frequently whenever I felt sexually aroused to prevent me from showing any interest sexually in anyone.
My first sexual partner when I was 19 was a woman older than me that only wanted to have sex with me because she never had a virgin before so all I was to her was a piece of meat and a well endowed one at that which made her keep messing with my head for a couple of years on and off. I so wanted to be "normal" that being a guy having sex with a woman that I let her use me for ANYTHING she wanted and she cleaned out my bank account, ruined my name and credit and had me so stoned for so long I forgot names of people I went to school with. She even tricked me into smoking a joint laced with cocaine and thought it was hilarious that I froze up, my heart raced and I thought I was going to die.
So the abuse started at 11 but continued in different ways for years, even as an adult at work where I felt obligated to be taken advantage of by my supervisors and when I wasn't I thought I was doing something wrong.
Once I started therapy I learned to separate the effects of the abuse from my true personal feelings and I know I truly have an interest in the same sex, more of a penis fixation but it has nothing to do with the abuse. What I had to learn was to not let this attraction lead to victimization because I still believed I had to be used to be liked and would even try to get the guy to abuse me. This is no longer the case.
I am not gay, I could never see myself living with another man and although I am not ashamed of my sexuality I could never see me expressing my interests in public, I still rarely look at big breasted women directly no matter how much I want to look.
Another thing I am finding is that at 41 I am still afraid to touch anyone in a way that isn't sexual. I can look at sex as just that, but I am afraid of intimacy as I am very vulnerable when I show that side of me and I have been married almost 1 years and still have difficulties being intimate and scared shitless to tell her as the little kid trapped in me is afraid of being yelled at for being this way.
I find so much shame, embarrassment, anger and humiliation trapped in me that I know I could harness it all and hurt someone really bad, I don't want to but it is there and I had to quit work as I was ready to hurt my boss.

Originally Posted By: CafeMan
The one thing that I HATED about my abuse the most was the lack of control over my body. I hated, hated, hated that. I hated when the man pinned me down, and I hated that his physical touch led to an arousal. I was a very shy young boy but came from a very assertive family. Therefore, I knew what I liked and did not like. From day one, I did not want this abuse. It led to extreme shame and disgust.

I buried my sexuality after my abuse ended at 12. After all ... a MAN liked ME! Ewww, ewww, ewww!!! So I never talked about girls. I found them attractive. However, I believe I was conditioned about sexual development from a man--regardless if it is abuse or not. So I believe my viewpoints regarding sex was distorted.

The lack of control I exhibited led to extreme embarrassment. To this day, I still get very sad when I remember how I told my father about the abuse. From a man to man perspective (even though I was 12), it was the most disturbing thing I ever did. I had turned out the lights so I could hide in the darkness because I couldn't look at my father in the eye.

The point is that while I was at the peak of my sexual development, I suppressed a lot of mental development. My first sexual experiences were not natural. I wish I could say I fooled around with a girl behind the school building the way my brothers did. I wish I could say that I lost my virginity the way my brothers did. I buried it all and delayed my progress. At the same time ... I felt like a failure not living up to my father's or brothers' natural progression regarding dating. If a man or woman complimented me, I was polite but it made me feel uncomfortable. Remember ... the first time someone was into me like that was that MAN! I was even good at unconvincing people if they had crushes on me.

The last year I tackled this issue more directly. Who do I want to be in life. I realized that despite burying my feelings, I now viewed myself as a good guy. I have slipped or acted out. Whatever you want to call it. And it's a struggle. What have I concluded about myself:

1. I am not gay. I have pondered this question. Despite my confusion ... I don't consider myself gay or bi or bi curious. I firmly believe that I was marked and altered by these events. I remember having my crush on Sabrina on Charlie's Angels. I remember sneaking kisses with Vivienne before Kindergarten class started. All the little boys thought I was gross. All I looked at in front of me was this cute little girl in pigtails that I wanted to know more.

2. I recently had a discussion with a man. It led to more frank discussions. He declared that he wanted more from me with regards to a relationship. I was honest about my feelings and told him of my past. He is a very successful man, highly educated and very charismatic. He wanted to move to Chicago to be with me. I spent the evening contemplating his confession. Again, I had another man who was into me. This time, it was out of genuine attractions vs. illegal and highly immoral motivations. This man said all the right things to me. He wanted to be my protector. He wanted to love me. So I tried to picture us as a couple. I tried to imagine us going out for brunch, going away to a B&B for the weekend, spending the evening over a homemade dinner and talking, etc.

Bottom line, I couldn't do it. My religion prohibits that. My immediate family would disown me. Despite these two factors ... I just couldn't do it. Religion and family had nothing to do with my decision. In the end, that is not who I am.

Yes, I struggle with this. However, sometimes knowing what you don't want in life is just as important as knowing what you do want in life. I know I don't want a man in my life for this purpose. I realize I can be emotionally intimate on a platonic, brotherly level with men ... and that is fine. I don't look at porn. I don't make any advances with other male survivors. I had a man that I encountered from another site who wanted to have some fun. I discovered he was a male survivor. I told him no. He was upset, he was pouting like a little kid, etc. In the end, I told him I will NOT enable his issues.

I guess it's baby steps for all of us ...

#489244 - 10/01/15 12:03 AM Re: Does ssa feelings ever go away ? [Re: james 1959]
pittsburgh Offline

Registered: 05/26/11
Posts: 105
Loc: west Chester, Pa
From my own experience NO, BUT that does that you can't put them in a different place. As I learn more about what had happened and the effects I was able to move to a different place, IT happened that will never go away entirely. With the help of a great T, I understand the nasty effects on my life. I hate that, however I have the rest of my life to live It should be and will be the best I can make it, my perp will no longer continue affect my life in a negative manner.
it is and has been quite a trip thru life, as last I feel that I am in a better place, it takes work and in my case a wife the was and is forgiveing and helpful. At last a relationship has gone right, messed up three.

#489246 - 10/01/15 02:08 AM Re: Does ssa feelings ever go away ? [Re: james 1959]

Registered: 08/31/11
Posts: 3790
I read this thread and realize so many of us had this special feeling toward our abuser. I know people hear this who have not been abused and think we are crazy, we are nuts. I think the grooming process and the words they use brought us under their spell. Our bodies reacted and we have been taught that is pleasure--we feel guilty about it but the sensation of what they did and how we reacted has a profound effect on us. At the same time we despise our abuse--we have an internal love hate relationship with him/her. It impacts our wiring and how we think. So feelings the abuser left with us carry in life.

I came to learn that a part of me felt special to the abuser and this part of me wreaked havoc on my life. It hijacked me and with dissociation I left times in my life to this part of me (formerly "it" as I referred to this part of me)

I know who I am and what I want. Healing has allowed me to bring the part together and I am who I am now. I do not have thoughts of seeking out what was done to me, instead I have come to understand through a loving woman who I am and sexually what I desire and enjoy. The other part of me seems to have come to terms that the abuser was not special nor what it did as love or caring. It is this mixed message that plays with our emotions

Just my thoughts. I find the thread interesting and helps with my life.

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