Talking of mental health.

This was taken from one of Jonathan King's websites it reads:

"How appalling was the BBC2 programme on police and paedophiles? Why was Pete Townshend given such a huge chunk of time? Because his crime was terrible? No, because he's a CELEBRITY and TV is about entertainment, not justice. Why did the police smash the windows of an empty house? Because it was more entertaining.

Why did they shackle a suspect on the floor of a hotel when he subsequently was proved to be innocent of any major crime? Because it looked entertaining. "Make more monsters!" "Inflate the crime!" "Frighten the public!" "Forget responsibility...shock the nation to get ratings." And, of course, the producers are only reflecting the police approach.

Coming up next...BRITAIN'S MAD MURDERESSES! 72 mothers jailed for killing their babies.

Ignoring the fact that it appears most were the tragic victims of cot deaths.

It was unfortunate that, the very week this latest ghastly travesty of docuTV aired, paedophile Stephen King was revealed as having revealed for having worked for the police and could be the tip of the iceberg amongst the fact and florid, self righteous officers preaching morality to the nation.

Did anyone else notice the echoes of Crystalnacht and the Nazi pursuit of the Jews in the sound of breaking glass on a suburban street?

Oh dear, we're in deep, deep trouble when better headlines influence the path of justice in society. The BBC should be ashamed of itself pandering to the bigots by broadcasting such offensive rubbish".

Says it all really


"And all that was left was hope"