You can read the entire AG report at this link. I was at the press conference and a private release of the document just prior. Keep a close eye on your kids, since the Church has let the wolves loose among the sheep.

AUGUSTA (AP) -- Maine Attorney General Steven Rowe Tuesday afternoon released a report on sexual abuse of children by priests and other clergy members, and said that of dozens of cases reviewed, none can be prosecuted.

The cases came from files from the Catholic Diocese of Portland spanning the last 75 years.

Rowe says Maine's statute of limitations in effect at the time of the alleged offenses prevents the state from prosecuting.

In presenting the report, Rowe thanked victims who had come forward to report abuse they had suffered as children and called child sexual abuse "one of the most despicable acts" which almost always leave permanent emotional scars on victims.

Rowe says state law bars him from releasing identities of the alleged perpetrators in his report. Five priests or clergy members have been prosecuted since 1984.

Rowe's report makes reference to other cases involving 20 living and 15 deceased priests from the diocese, seven church or school employees, and six living and five deceased priests or brothers not associated directly with the diocese.

The state also received allegations from 17 victims against priests or other clergy members who could not be identified.

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