Since I am a member from Paris, France, I want to tell you about the changes that are about to happen over here.
Last night the Parliament has voted unanimously the 139 Amendment to the Penal Law Code which will allow incest and pedophilia survivors to press charges to a penal court up to 20 years after the majority (18 years old in France) for sexual harassment and 30 years for rape cases (oral rape is considered a crime in the French law just as standard rape).
Until now, victims had only 10 years after their majority to press charges. They could eventually go to a civilian court but the big difference is that the survivor has to prove the facts by himself (with the help and the investigation of the police). So this is nearly impossible for most of incest survivors due to the lack of evidence.
The 139 amendement has now to be validated by the Senate (which rejected it last month in a first reading).
At the same time, another law has been put forward to purely abolish the pre>
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