BY FAR the saddest thing I have seen in months was the scenes of people getting out of their cars on the freeway to rush to shake hands and give support to Michael. They have not heard one peep of the evidence. The DA said at one point that they had gotten what they needed and a lot of it. Whatever the "it" is. It is certainly not the boys testimony--they did not have to go to Neverland to get that. What will those folks say if they found video, or photos? I can hear it now, "they were made on a computer and Micahaels picture put on it fraudulently."

The only way I can interpret this crowd cheering Michael is that they think it is ok for a kid to be molested if he is molested by a celebrity. I saw the signs MICAHAEL WE LOVE YOU. There could have been others that said "way to go Michael--screw all the kids you can. We will always love you."

Yesterday was a very, very dark day for the apparently few of us who think kids should be kept safe even from celebrities.


If we do not live what we believe, then we will begin to believe what we live.