Brits launch 'Childbase'
24/07/2003 15:52

London - British police unveiled Thursday their latest weapon to catch paedophiles on the Internet: a computer database containing the images of hundreds of thousands of children who have been abused.

The database of 280 000 images, codenamed "Childbase", will help detectives trace victims and abusers much more quickly, and help rescue children from paedophiles, police said.

"This is a world first and another big warning to paedophiles that you are not safe anywhere," said John Carr, an expert on internet paedophilia.

The software works by mapping the facial characteristics of each victim and abuser, producing a sequence of numbers. Detectives can then cross-check the numeric sequence against millions of images to identify if the victim and abuser are new.

"We are making the Internet as safe as is humanly possible for our children," said police spokesman Jim Gamble.

Currently detectives have the task of going through books of photographs to identify victims.

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