Some of you may have heard of the tragic events that occured in Ontario in late may, where 10 year old Holly Jones was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and then murdered and dumpted in Lake Ontario. It was an event that truly traumatized the community and the people of Southern Ontario. They finally caught the guy a while back and he's awaiting trial.

Last week, they announced that they were releasing a 61 year old pedophile to the SAME NEIGHBOURHOOD that Holly Jones lived in and was kidnapped from. There is a Federal Half-Way House in the neighbourhood, and Corrections Canada announced that they were moving this guy into the place, without consulting the community.

I am pleased to say that the public outcry and protest, including by the Police of Police for Toronto has resulted in this pervert being moved back to a Federal Penitentiary! He's outta the neighbourhood...THANK GOD!!!!

Way to go everyone for getting rid of the bastard!!!