Now I know why I believe the really evil people who molest and murder must stay behind bars for ever.

This week the most notorious woman in Britain died. Myra Hindley was 60yo and had spent 36 years in jail, along with her partner Ian Brady.
Brady has always admitted his role in the Moors Murders, which although I was about 13 at the time I can remember cleary as they were so horrific, but Hindley has always maintained the Bradey forced her to join in.
At the trial tapes were played, recorded by Hindley
and Brady as they raped and tortured some of the children.

However in the late 1980's she admitted to her role in two more killings, hoping that an admission of 'some guilt' would pave the way to possible parole. But recent new evidence had already made that impossible before her death.

Throughout her imprisonment she, and many influential supporters, fought for her parole. All claiming she was a reformed woman who had found God and deserved a chance.
Now Brady and his lawyer are claiming they have letters in a secret code that Hindley and Brady had devised between them, and that she sent Brady for sexual kicks, letters describing acts of torture and murder on some of the children they did torture and kill, and others - some still missing.

Also in our news is the story of a jailed paedophile who tried to hire a contract killer to murder the 9yo girl who's evidence jailed him.
Fortunately other prisoners alerted the police who set him up with an undercover sting operation. Stuart Spring gave the policeman a picture of the girl and offered 10,000 to read about the girls body "being discovered in woodland somewhere"
Currently he's serving 4 years for the origional indecent assault, and awaiting sentencing for the attempted murder.

Life sentences are the only answer for these people, they work by very devious means that I don't think ever goes away.
Treat them, yes. We need to learn more about them. Free them, never. We must protect other children.


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