Three items from one of our English newspapers.

1. People who fish without a licence face fines of up to 2500. Parents will be responsible for the fine if their children are caught fishing illegally.
2. 30 people have been arrested today for possession of child porn. Some of which was "commercial" as opposed to "amateur"
Distributors and copiers were arrested and huge quantities of porn seized.
3. A Catholic priest, Father Michael O'Kelly the former Dean of Reading town, was sentenced for possession of 18,000 child porn images, some involving bestiality.
He recieved 9 months jail, 6 years supervision order, was placed on the sex offenders register and banned from working with children. He had previously been a childrens missionary in Africa.

Now item number 2 gives me hope, although the police have nowhere near enough resources to keep a lid on this evil trade.
And although all three stories are real- at least one of the others is a joke.
NINE MONTHS !! It's enough to make your piss come in lumps !

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