Former Flushing priest is sentenced
Jason Sigler gets 7 to 15 years

By Michael Rosenfield
Genesee County (08/04/03)--After 30 years, a former Flushing priest charged with molesting two altar boys has been sentenced. Jason Sigler was in court Monday. Michael Rosenfield had more.

The proceedings wrapped up late Monday afternoon. Sigler, 65, got the maximum, sentenced to seven to 15 years in prison. It was an emotional day in court and gave the victims some closure after nearly 30 years.

Tony Otero was relieved after the man he once trusted and looked up to was punished for a crime nearly 30 years ago. Otero and his brother were molested at St. Roberts Church in Flushing in the 1970s by Sigler.

In court Monday, Otero told Judge Judith Fullerton that sentencing should be the maximum. But Sigler had his supporters, including his wife Anne of 20 years, who says the last two decades have been humiliating, and he's not the monster he's been portrayed as.

"His behavior was dealt to him at a young age," she said. "He's changed his life and he has proven to society. What else can he do to prove it?"

But the Otero family does not believe Sigler has been cured, and are thankful the man they once invited into their home will be behind bars.

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