Yeah, we get it all over the place, soft judges lean penalties etc.
Judges in my country warned against the government setting tariffs for sentence.

After a load of high profile sex offences against children, and the odd axe man let loose, there is public uproar, beying for blood.

Zero tolerance means lack of discretion in many cases leading to ppl being locked up for trivial things.

This means that the jails are too full to send the real baddies down.
Dont have a TV licence equals jail time, same as tax evation.

Sex with a kid, means the judge says, I want to send you down but the jails are too full!
Giving tougher sentences as the baying mob begs costs lots of money, and the government need it to fight wars that are worthless.

In a world where money and saving it means so much, we can never have real justice.
Leave the judging to the judges the way it always was for years.

If a government finds something that works, they fuck it up, and everyone blames anybody but the government.


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!