Former prep school teacher David Cobb put the lawyer who defended him and prosecutor who convicted him on the stand Monday in Dover, New Hampshire. He's fighting for a new trial on attempted sexual assault and child pornography convictions. He says a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling shows he was convicted improperly. Cobb argues the pictures he made by pasting children's faces from clothing catalogues onto images from adult magazines were not child pornography but artistic images that the Supreme Court says are protected under the First Amendment. His new lawyer, Paul Haley, repeatedly asked his previous lawyer, Cathy Green, why she did not argue at trial that Cobb's photos were artwork, not pornography. Green said she rejected that plan because some of Cobb's photos showed actual naked children, not just cut and paste creations. Haley also argued former County Attorney Lincoln Soldati made fun of Cobb during the trial. Soldati denied belittling Cobb.

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