What JK should never forget, it that he is an active pedo, and witnesses were never brought on his occasion in court, save the ones that were judged on the trial date.

They were 'left on file' which does not give him much of any chance of redeeming himself as a pedo ring member.

I am wondering just how much he paid the guards to make his life 'enjoyable', sort of like, the other prisoners loved him too!

The JBR case smacks of Lee Harvey Oswald, yeah, I know it sounds stoopid, but there are plenty of lambs to slaughter when the CIA figure it.

It has some weird hallmarks, but I guess he was not involved so much, and is used as a scapegoat, but who is to know if he really did download KP?

Could that charge have been used or planted on him by authorities?
Would KP be an automatic motive to killing a child! I guess not, but it sounds like another cover-up to me.

It's just the way I think,


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!